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Computer analysis from popular horse racing circuits in North America. No signup required. Free picks everyday.

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传奇sfBring professional horse racing picks from many handicappers to your mobile device. Every day, dozens of handicappers from all over the country put their picks into the database. You can access all of their picks easily through Pro Picks Mobile.

Are you a professional handicapper?

Join the team at Pro Picks and get your picks into the hands of thousands of horse players instantly.

传奇sfGet high value wagering opportunities delivered to you twice a day through Twiter.

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Available Apps

Exacta Max is by far the most powerful handicapping tool available on a smart phone. This tool uses live tote board data and E-Ponies picks to optimize exacta wagers. Choose to keep the E-Ponies picks, replace them with tote board favorites, or replace them with horses you choose.

With Home Tote Board, party hosts can take wagers from party guests and maintain their own private pari-mutuel pool. Odds will change in real time as party guests place their wagers. Take a portion of the pool out for the host or a charity.

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